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Various factors affect our Health

On what basis will you judge, whether a person is healthy or not? Before this question, how will you define the word “Healthy”? Everyone in our surrounding, looks healthy, but are they actually healthy? The answers to these questions are never predictable, they vary with the situation. But we all know that Health is an important term in our life.

In simple words, Health can be defined as a state of being well, and away from any kind of illness and injuries.  Health includes the well-being of social, physical and mental conditions. All these three conditions need to be perfectly balanced in order to get a good health condition. A healthy person is able to do all the activities involved in his/her life, without depending on anyone, whereas the others can never do their works independently. Health Store Middleton 

Why Health seems important in our daily life?

There is a very popular proverb regarding Health – “A sound mind lives in a sound body”. This statement provided an idea about the importance of Health in our daily lives. In our everyday life, a stable mind helps a lot to do our works in an easy and efficient manner. The decision-making part has been always taking place in our mind only.  This thinking can also lead to a condition of depression among the humans. So it is always recommended to take care of our health so that our body and mind can work upon their mechanisms and we can get our desired outcome.

How can you say that a person is unhealthy?

Mainly, from outer looks, you can judge, whether that person has a good health condition or not.  In those cases, instead of their physical looks, their activities can help you to judge, whether he/she is unhealthy. There are certain strong factors, from which you can easily judge a person’s health:-

  • Lifestyle – How that person is involved in his/her social activities? How is he/she taking the important decisions of life? You need to check these activities of the person. If that person is unhappy without any specific reason, then he/she might be suffering from depression. In these conditions, that person is mentally unhealthy. She/he might need an immediate check up and treatment.
  • Environmental issues – Then this might create an unhealthy situation for that person. And as a result, health got affected.
  • Biomedical aspects – If any person is medically unfit and under a specific biomedical treatment, then you can justify the unhealthy nature of that person.


Anyone can be unhealthy from our surrounding; we need to predict the unhealthy nature of people and should guide them in a proper manner to build a fully healthy society.