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Importance Of A Clean Crawl Space

by Victor

The thought of visiting a crawl space can be eerie and disgusting, especially when it is some wet and smelly corner of your house. Things like mould, animal infestations, mildew and wet insulation can create an unpleasant smell inside the crawl space which creates a disgusting crawl space environment. For anyone, visiting a crawl space to take care of the dirt and smell is not something you shall find exciting, but neither is the thought of paying someone to do it for you.

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Reasons a clean crawl space is important

Many folks view their crawl space as something of no importance. They presume it to be the least important part of their house. But most people don’t know that their crawl space plays an important role determining the quality of air and energy efficiency in their home.

Poor Air Quality:

The stack effect is the unique pattern of air circulation in your homes. It is the ways which makes the air in your attic and crawls space circulate into every space of your home. The air constantly moves in a rotatory motion from the crawl space to your room and slowly to the whole house. This leads to moulds or animal infestations in your crawl space.

Low Energy Efficiency:

A poorly maintained crawl space can cause moulds to form which can lead to cracks or allow moisture into the crack space. This can further depreciate the insulation of your home and affect the energy efficiency.

Types of Crawl Space Clean Up

by Victor

Your overall crawl space cleaning cost would depend on the type of service required for your crawl space. Any professional cleaning companies offer these types of services. Crawl space cleaning is accompanied by restoration services as well for all the damage faced due to the negligence of crawl space cleaning.

Basic Cleaning:

This procedure involves a cleaning agent come in and extract anything that might hamper the efficiency and quality of the air you breathe. Elements like an animal infestation, mould colonies, standing water that might lead to mosquitoes, torn vapour barriers, and old insulation are taken care of the crawl space cleaning company.

Insulation Repair:

To help with the loss of energy efficiency in your home, the old mould covered insulation system should be periodically replaced with new ones. Spray foam insulation is the best type of insulation that is suited for a crawl space and mimics ideal conditions. Spray foam insulation is a powerful insulator for your crawl space as it does not absorb water and neither provides a food source for mould or bacteria. When you replace your old insulation sheets with new, you create an opportunity to save more on energy bills.

Additional Services:

Apart from cleaning and repairs, clean crawls offer additional services like air sealing, vapour barrier installation that helps keep your crawl space clean for a long duration of time. The cost incurred for the entire service is dependent upon the size of your crawl space.